Ojas rasa menu is designed keeping in mind the Ayurvedic sixfold classification of taste – sweet, sour, saline, pungent, astringent & bitter.

These tastes when employed properly, help maintain the body as well as sustaining the normal balance of doshas. The menu goes in the sequence of the six rasas (tastes) as listed above.

OJAS RASA – lunch only menu

Roti with Dahl

2 stovetop cooked wholewheat flatbreads.
Mixed vegetable dahl.
House made pickles & chutney.


Green Gram Dosa

Savoury crepe with coconut curry.
House made pickles & chutney.


Besan Pudla

Ajwain scented gram flour pancakes.
Slow-cooked pumpkin with fennel.
House-made tamarind chutney.


Ayurvedic Barley Salad

With avocado dressing.


pitta kapha

Semolina Dhokla

Steamed savoury cake
with chutneys (subject to availability).


Mixed Pakora Plate

Fried vegetable nuggets
with chutneys – Regular 6 pc / Large 10pc

$12 / 18
pitta kapha

Seasonal Ayurvedic Soup

(see board in-store )

pitta kapha


(from 11:30am – 3:30pm)

Ayurveda emphasises having a sattvic diet as it can help one lead a healthful life. A sattvic diet is one which promotes purity of both mind and body – it is a way of life, and more than vegetarianism.

Our Sattvic Bowls are abundant in prana (life-force), vegetarian, wholesome, fresh and easy to digest. They are not processed, free of preservatives and rajasic & tamasic ingredients like onion, garlic, mushroom & raw potato. The bowls are optionally topped using Ayurvedic sourced ghee, which is one of the purist sattvic foods according to Ayurveda.




Kitchari forms the base of all Ojas bowls, and is a perfect Ayurvedic staple dish, made out of tempered rice & dahl. It’s a complete protein and vegetable packed meal, ideal for cleansing stomach & digestive system.

Hanuman Bowl – kitchari, black chana, kale pakora

Devi Bowl – kitchari, root vegetable medley

Krishna Bowl – kitchari, green pea and broccoli patties, pumpkin seed dukkah

All bowls are gluten-free and accompanied with pickle, papadum & chutneys. All vegan optional.


(from 6pm (Tuesday 7pm) )

Traditional Ayurvedic thalis (platters) are about creating nutritionally balanced meals, using all the six tastes or rasas. The composition of any thali is determined by our biological composition (doshas).

These thalis based upon the three vital dosha’s (vata, pitta, kapha) using seasonal organic produce, and hence the menu varies. All the items are freshly cooked daily.

The Ojas Thali offers an assortment of – 2 varieties of sabji, 1 dahl, rice, Indian bread, raita, salad, pickle, chutney, papadum plus cooling drink & sweet.

All thali’s are made from fresh ingredients daily, and are only available from 6-8pm (Tuesday 7pm), or until sold out.

Each day we focus on one of the styles of thali below, so each time you visit us for dinner it’s a different experience


Made fresh daily
– includes hot drink, pappadoms plate & dessert

extra flatbread $5



Cows milk is considered valuable in Ayurveda (one of the oldest holistic healing systems). It is described as nutritional food with an anti-ageing aid. In Ayurveda, the body can process warm milk better than cold, before consumption the milk should be boiled with spices several times, to make it even more digestible for our body. 

Moon milk, with it’s roots in Ayurveda, uses this method of preparation of milk for a calming effect on our body and to boost the bodily immunity.

Moon Milk is made in four steps:

Base milk. At Ojas we prefer to use ahimsa (cruelty-free) cows milk, and oat (or almond) milk for plant-based Moon Milks as oats are useful to manage the symptoms of anxiety which is due to vata imbalance.

ahimsa paramo dharma

Spices. Home-made spice mix.

Adaptogens. At Ojas we use Ashwaganda, Moringa, and Tulasi powder. Adaptogens are natural herbal substances used to help the body adapt to stress.

Tastes. The Moon Milks are crafted keeping the body types in mind.

kapha pitta
Cacao & Date

With Ashwaganda

Ahimsa dairy $8.5 / Oat or Almond milk $7.5

kapha pitta
Moringa & Clove

(Oat milk only)


kapha pitta
Turmeric Ginger & Cinnamon

With Tulasi (Holy Basil)

Ahimsa dairy $8.5 / Oat or Almond milk $7.5


With Ashwagandha

Ahimsa dairy $8.5 / Oat or Almond milk $7.5


Made with Ojas in-house spice mix

Ahimsa dairy $8.5 / Oat or Almond milk $7.5
(Rooibos / Dandelion + $2)


Freshly brewed mixed herbal tea with spice mix & jaggery.


kapha Kapha    pitta Pitta    vata Vata For details click here

Vegan option    Gluten Free option

* images are only a representation of the meals, details subject to change